What is Death


Death is the absence of life. Therefore, what’s life? Life is power. However, energy can’t die, only change form. Therefore, death is definitely an end of the form of energy. Consequently, death is an end, although not the end. Every ending must precede a beginning. When spring ends, summer starts. Whenever your job ends, unemployment starts. If your marriage ends, single life starts. See the point? Death or perhaps an ending must come prior to a birth or begin.

Over standing what death really is, is pertinent to this topic and life, in general; recognize possibilities when something ends. All issues occur for a reason and change is really a must. Without change or ending/beginning, our life could be continuous. Life is kind of 1 big variable. You realize what to expect, for your most part, however, you do not always know when the change will occur. When will you get that promotion? When will your home appreciate? When will you’ve sufficient money saved for vacation?

Stages OF DEATH:

The death happens in 2 stages:

  1. Somatic, systemic or clinical death
  2. Cellular or molecular death

In somatic death, although life ceases in the organism as being a whole, it could persist in numerous body parts, organs, tissues as well as cells. Your body cells can survive for varying periods and may respond to varied chemical, thermal as well as electrical stimuli. The duration of survival of cells depends on the oxygen demand. As well as once the tissues and cells die, it’s regarded as molecular death. Usually, molecular death is complete within three to four hrs of somatic death. Nevertheless, in common parlance, death means somatic death.

Exactly what does this need to do with death?

It is crucial to not over-complicate the “loss of life”. The death of our life will be the same as death in all other elements, in a sense. It’s extensively accepted within the scientific community that we’re more comprised of the soul or energy force compared to we’re of bodily matter. This further proves the energy, if anything, transforms into another energy form or manifests into another physical state. Your body is just a car that contains our energy. This same energy is connected along with everything in the universe. We’re all one.

The outcome of death will almost always be a mystery for many. Whatever you can’t “scientifically” prove in a laboratory generally gets categorized being an opinion, philosophy or even concept. Numerous cultures in antiquity have attempted to illustrate their viewpoint on death and also the afterlife. What we now have is really a collection of mythology. Whoever is arguing a point from whatever angle can gather enough info to sway belief their way. I am not predicting what occurs after death, just providing my view around the fact which we’re probably not dead after the physical body dies.

To summarize, death is life (birth). For death is simply an end prior to a starting. Life can’t end simply because our world is well balanced. If death happens then life happens. Everything is linked; which makes holistic sense.

Now go live!